Secure your industrial infrastructure with Secure-NOK's products:     


SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring System

The SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring System is a comprehensive yet flexible product that can be deployed tailored to your needs. Select the SNOK™ components that meet your needs:

A combination of all provides the best security by combining information from different sources and reducing the blind spots of your infrastructure.

SNOK™ is deployed in a quick and easy process either as a virtual machine on your hardware or as part of bundles with hardware from our partners. In addition to providing the SNOK User Interface, security event information and other data can be sent to SIEM systems or other monitoring systems of your choice. 

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SNOK™ Enterprise Solution

When looking for a way of securing a portfolio of industrial assets/plants, the SNOK™ Enterprise Solution is flexible and can be deployed according to your needs.

In addition to a local solution on each site/asset this solution includes the SNOK™ Detection Server that aggregate information across sites and assets. The SNOK Detection Server is typically installed at your central Operations Center or Control Center and provides you with full flexibility in deciding if security events should be alerted to local personnel on the various sites or assets, or to a central group or both.  


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SNOK™ Asset Discovery

In the initial phase of securing your asset, or If you are wondering where to start, SNOK™ can be deployed in SNOK™ Asset Discovery mode on relevant network segments and endpoints of concern. Let it run for a while, then extract the collected information. You will get a report showing:

  • Topology and details of communication on the network
  • Software asset inventory for endpoints

Results can be used to determine current vulnerability and plan how a SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring system deployment should look like as well as other security measures such as network segmentation. SNOK™ Asset Discovery will also help you determine if your infrastructure is compliant with current security policies.


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SNOK™ Trial Program

 Secure-NOK™ offers a SNOK™ Trial Program. The SNOK™ solution is deployed, either as an Appliance or Virtual Machine on selected parts of the control system, for example a selected production line, subsystem or small site. The trial SNOK™ runs for a period of for example 30 days and includes an Analysis Report.