The SNOK™ Platform

Industrial infrastructure such as oil & gas installations, the electrical power grid, manufacturing plants, and many more are critical for our society as we know it. Ensuring that these functions perform as society relies on, has traditionally revolved around ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Our Approach

Industrial infrastructure has always been an attractive target for politically or economically motivated attackers, causing owners to deploy security measures such as fences and CCTV cameras to protect their industrial sites.

As industrial infrastructure is rapidly transitioning into the digital age, cyber-attacks on OT systems are rising on the list of preferred method for attackers. Traditional cybersecurity protection methods are however not tailored for industrial settings and might allow advanced threats to go undetected. That is why we have designed SNOK™ to specifically meet the needs of owners of industrial automation and control systems (IACS).

How it works

SNOK™ works quietly behind the scenes by collecting deep low-level information, and performs advanced behavioral analysis to detect malware and sophisticated attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats). SNOK™ detects attacks at an early stage, also those that are undetectable by conventional security tools. The modularity of our technology ensures that it can be installed in the hidden corners, on all types of assets, ensuring there are no blindspots in your systems.

Monitor & Detect cyber attacks

Modular and flexible

Visibility in every corner

The benefits

SNOK™ is designed and built bottom up for industrial purposes. It gives you visibility at the various attack entry points that exists in an OT environment and is designed to fit in an industrial settings. Without disturbing the industrial process, SNOK™ detects cyber attacks and errors at the control layer of your industrial network.

Early Attack Detection

SNOK monitors your blindspots for subtle traces of attacks. Attacks can enter your infrastructure through networks as well as endpoints – SNOK makes sure you are looking both places, correlating and interpreting what you see.

Beyond Signatures

Today, more than 50% of attacks are non-malware – these are non-detectable using traditional malware signature detection methods. SNOK uses anomaly based detection capable of detecting all types of intrusions: those using malware, those using malware never seen before and non-malware attacks.

Built for Industry

SNOK™’s unique abilities to uncover blind spots are achieved because it is built for industry.

  • Non-intrusive: does not disturb the industrial process.
  • No maintenance required: once installed it does not need signature updates or similar to keep detecting new attacks.
  • Tiny footprint: uses few resources on the industrial infrastructure.
  • Backwards compatible: looks after unsupported devices in your legacy systems.

SNOK is specifically designed for OT

We know OT systems

Secure-NOK’s technology and solutions are developed bottom up to fit the needs of OT systems. Although IT and OT systems share many of the same cyber threats, protection strategies and best practices often differ, sometimes by a lot.

We develop OT specific solutions. 

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