Our Approach

Industrial infrastructure such as oil & gas installations, the electrical power grid, manufacturing plants, and many more are critical for our society as we know it. 

Ensuring that these functions perform as society relies on, has traditionally revolved around ensuring safe and reliable operation. At the same time, industrial infrastructure has always been an attractive target for politically or economically motivated attackers, causing owners to use security measures such as fences and CCTV cameras deployed to protect their industrial sites. 

Regular protection methods are not tailored for industrial settings and might cause advanced threats to go undetected. That is why we designed SNOK™, which is developed to meet the needs of owners of industrial automation and control systems (IACS).

How it works

SNOK™ works quietly behind the scenes by collecting deep low-level information, and performs advanced behavioral analysis to detect malware and sophisticated attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats). SNOK™ detects attacks at an early stage, also those that are undetectable by conventional security tools. The modularity of our technology ensures that it can be installed in the hidden corners, on all types of assets, ensuring there are no blindspots in your systems. 


Monitor & Detect cyber attacks


Modular and flexible


Visibility in every corner

The Benefits


Early attack detection

SNOK™ monitors your blindspots for subtle traces of attacks. Attacks can enter your infrastructure through networks as well as endpoints - SNOK™ makes sure you are looking both places, correlating and interpreting what you see. 





Beyond signatures

Today, more than 50% of attacks are non-malware related – these are not detectable using traditional signature detection. SNOK™ on the other hand uses anomaly detection. This means it will detect all types of intrusions, catching both known malware, malware seen never before and non-malware attacks.




Built for industry 

SNOK™ unique abilities to uncover blind spots are achieved because SNOK™ is built for industry. By that we mean:

Non-intrusive: SNOK™ does not disturb the industrial process.

No maintenance required: SNOK™ knows the fundamentals of a cyberattack. Once installed it needs no signature updates or similar to keep detecting new attacks.

Tiny footprint: Computing and storage resources are often scarce in industrial settings. SNOK™ uses minimal resources on the industrial infrastructure.

Backwards compatible: SNOK™ can be used to monitor legacy equipment such as unsupported Windows and Linux endpoints.

Quick and easy to install: SNOK™ has a simple installation process and requires only a short learning period to train the system.


The SNOK™ Product Line

Secure-NOK™ offers the SNOK™ line of products which consists of several different modular based solutions for securing an industrial infrastructure. Read more about SNOK™ line of product here



A combination of all available products in the SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring System family provides the best security by combining information from different sources and reducing the blind spots of your infrastructure. The SNOK™ line of product can be implemented across several assets or sites by using SNOK™ Enterprise Solution, which is a flexible way of securing a portfolio of industrial assets/ plants. 

Siemens Secure-NOK SNOK™ products

Secure-NOK™ has a partnership with Siemens to integrate Secure-NOK’s cybersecurity solutions into Siemens portfolio of rugged industrial network components. Siemens and Secure-NOK™ together offer the Siemens Secure-NOK SNOK Intrusion Detection System consisting of the SNOK™ solution integrated with Siemens RUGGEDCOM industrial routers and switches for harsh environments.









SNOK™ can be delivered pre-installed in Siemens RUGGEDCOM line of products. This security appliance is ready to be deployed in all types of industrial environments and is ideal for distributed operations where there are few computing resources at the industrial sites. The SNOK™ products are also available integrated with Siemens SIMATIC PC based products or as a virtual machine (VM) on available hardware in the industrial environment.