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The energy industry represents a target rich environment for cyber attacks by criminals, terrorists, and hacktivists. While their respective goals may differ, the risks and potential consequences of a successfully executed cyber attack against energy assets, particularly Oil & Gas assets, may be severe—even if the attacker did not intend to cause such major consequences.

Energy critical infrastructure used by the Oil & Gas industry in exploration, drilling, transportation, and production, depends on a myriad of inter-connected industrial control systems (ICS). Current trends towards increasing levels of digitalization and automation of Oil & Gas assets are contributing to a wider cyber attack surface.

As a respons to this increasing threat landscape, regulatory- and trade organizations are providing cybersecurity guidance to the Oil & Gas industry. Secure-NOK™ has since its foundation contributed to better understanding of cyber risks in the Oil & Gas industry through involvement in industry organisations such as the International Organisation for Drilling Contractors (IADC). Our founder, Dr. Houmb, has chaired the IADC Cybersecurity Committee since its establishment in 2014.


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For owners of complex assets such as oil rigs, there exists no single quick and simple fix that will ensure protection from cyberattacks. Rather a combination of protection and detection mechanisms must be applied to make sure cyber breaches are detected and mitigated in a timely fashion.

If a drilling rig is compromised by a cyber attack, the damage may potentially be severe. For example, accidental transfer of malware from engineering equipment brought to the rig is likely to cause downtime. The consequences of such downtime depends on the criticality of the system and the tasks that are interrupted. More concerning scenarios are related to targeted attacks where a competent and resourceful threat actor gains access to critical systems with the aim of sabotage.

To protect against such threats, deploying an early warning intrusion detection system that provides you with real time insight into your systems is key. We have designed our SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring System to cover as many blind spots on your asset as possible. Workers on a drilling rig have to pay attention to many systems at any given time, our solution can therefore be integrated into monitoring tools that are already in place. Providing critical alerts to the “panes of glass” of your preference.

All of our customers are different and have different needs. We therefore offer highly flexible technology and pricing models. The SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring System is hierarchical and can be deployed to cover a specific part of your infrastructure or accommodate the full portfolio of systems on the asset. We also offer SNOK™ Enterprise Solutions to accommodate your entire portfolio of assets and your experts in central Operations Centers.