Meet us at the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference

Sep 20, 2017 | Events

Meet Siv Hilde Houmb and Erlend Engum from Secure-NOK at the 2017 IADC Advanced Rig Technology conference October 24.-25. at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam. They will be speaking about cybersecurity challenges in a drilling rig context:

Non-intrusive and ICS Tailored Virus and Malware Protection: The rate and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks continue to increase rapidly. These cyber-attacks represent a significant financial and environmental risk for operation of industrial control systems (ICS). Making matters worse, today’s industrial control systems rely on outdated security models. Antivirus solutions, patch management and similar IT security solutions work well to protect IT networks, but may cause more problems in ICS than the malware itself. This presentation discusses a non-intrusive, ICS-specific alternative to antivirus that also removes the need for automated software updates, including Windows updates.

Data Management and Cybersecurity for Smarter Drilling: Drillers have long focused on iron and technology specific to drilling. But big data and data quality have never been more important in drilling operations. At the same time, the threat to operational integrity (OT) through cyber-attacks can cripple critical systems, including dynamic positioning and drilling control systems. These papers will examine the advantages savvy data management can bring to our operations.

We in Secure-NOK™ have designed our solutions bottom-up for industrial purposes. SNOK™, our cybersecurity monitoring solution, discovers and alerts of break-in attempts on automation and control systems.
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