Secure-NOK speaks about cybersecurity for Oil & Gas at EnergyConnected – SSV Conference in Oslo April 11th

Mar 29, 2019 | Events

Secure-NOK’s Erlend Engum speaks about securing Oil & Gas installations from cyberattacks in the digital age.

SSV Conference 2019 is the annual conference hosted by Subsea Valley, a technology cluster and Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) in energy technology with a centre of gravity in the greater capital region of Norway.  

This years conference takes place April 10th – 11th at Telenor Arena, Fornebu Norway and features a cybersecurity session with speakers from DNV GL and Institutt for Energiteknikk in addition to Secure-NOK. Check out the full program here:


We in Secure-NOK™ have designed our solutions bottom-up for industrial purposes. SNOK™, our cybersecurity monitoring solution, discovers and alerts of break-in attempts on automation and control systems.

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