Critical Infrastructure

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Large amounts of Critical Infrastructure around the world is dependent on automated systems. Examples include railway signaling, flight control, traffic light control, water management, communication systems and many more. Some of these systems may be vital to a nation’s security. For all, safe and reliable operation is essential.

Traditionally, security risks to such systems have been mitigated through maintaining an "air-gap" from other computer systems. Today technical similarity and interconnectivity with IT systems are increasing and so is exposure to the global cyber threat landscape. Technology used by various industrial services are also becoming more similar across sites, allowing the same attack to be repeated to target many different infrastructure sectors.


Why Choose SNOK?


  • Non-intrusive
  • No maintenance required
  • Tiny footprint
  • Backwards compatible
  • Quick and easy to install

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To protect against these increasing threats in critical infrastructure, situational awareness is key. An early warning intrusion detection system should give you real time insight into the critical part of your system controlling equipment in the field. The SNOK™ line of cyber security products were specifically made to tackle this challenge. The SNOK™ Network Intrusion Detection System can be deployed to monitor traffic in the field, detects abnormal traffic on a network while being non-intrusive and requiring minimal maintenance. The solution can also be extended with SNOK™ Endpoint Monitoring to monitor any Windows or Linux based endpoint on site, even including systems that have met their end of life such as Windows XP. PLCs in the field can be monitored by SNOK™ PLC Threat Detection

In addition to our own user interface, Secure-NOK™ can forward alert data to all major SIEM systems and will work with customers to integrate alerts into to their Operations Center Monitoring Systems that are already in place. We also offer SNOK™ Enterprise Solutions to accommodate the need for covering multiple assets across multiple sites.