New SNOK™ release 1.8.2 is available.

New SNOK™ release 1.8.2 is available.

The SNOK™ software suite version 1.8.2 has been released with enhancements to improve security event detection, performance and usability. The SNOK™ Endpoint Monitoring module version 1.8.2.collects and analyzes more data related to network connections, user login...
Securing rigs agains cyber attacks (Norwegian)

Securing rigs agains cyber attacks (Norwegian)

(Photo: Reuters / NTB Scanpix). Bore- og kontrollsystema på offshoreinstallasjonane våre vert stadig meir avanserte. Graden av automatisering stig, og fleire og fleire komponentar er kontinuerleg kopla på nett. Det betyr også at risikoen for cyberangrep mot boreriggar...

Drilling in the digital age: A new world begins to take shape

Read interview with Secure-NOK’s Nina Tvedt featured in the Drilling Contractor’s article about drilling in the digital age. In 1965, Gordon Moore, one of the co-founders of Intel, predicted that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would...

Video on safeguarding infrastructure from Cyber Threats

Check out Secure-NOK’s Youtube video with Siemens on safeguarding infrastructure from Cyber Threats –  Highlights: Increasing threats towards OT systems of critical infrastructures OT systems are traditionally not built...
We in Secure-NOK™ have designed our solutions bottom-up for industrial purposes. SNOK™, our cybersecurity monitoring solution, discovers and alerts of break-in attempts on automation and control systems.

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