• Your Partner in Oil & Gas cyber security. Secure-NOK AS is the leading provider for securing critical infrastructure in the industry.

    There is a growing trend of threats from malware, electronic espionage, and sophisticated attacks targeting the energy sector. Secure-NOK’s solutions are tailored to meet the challenge of cyber security these attacks in the Oil & Gas and Energy industries.
  • Funding recieved for research project

    Secure-NOK recieves generous funding from the Norwegian Research Council for its R&D project «Cybersecurity Incident Response Framework for the O&G Industry to Optimize Oil Production and Prevent Safety and Environmental Disasters»​.
  • New Cybersecurity Drilling Guidebook available

    Secure-NOKs Guidebook to the Current Standards for Cybersecurity for Drilling Control Systems released.
    Downloadable from our NEWS section.
  • SNOK protects your industrial control and SCADA systems from the inside out.

  • Runner up as "Entrepreneur of the Year 2014"

    Secure-NOK AS was nominated as Entrepreneur of the year 2014 by Innovation Norway. We where amongst the top 3 candidates.